Target Studios


from TARGET: JAVELIN #1 (1975) – with models like Bruno, Chuck Samson, Brand, Dino, Reb, Barry, Nick, Zack, Dennis Johnson, Steve Packard – who is this? (Retrostuds has him ID’d as Dutch Rainer) That name pops up again in TARGET ALBUM #1, (1981), the 1982 Target Calendar (which as I am typing and researching I realize I sold back in 2005! Nooooooo!), and some 1981 photosets – no known film work

and of course our buddy over at Retrostuds has plenty more from Javelin #1 – but I only see the one page of this guy.

heading to my pornoharddrive – I find this from the 1982 Target calendar. So who is the guy above?

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