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Al Parker’s Flashback

Director: Al Parker and Steve Scott (1981) – 68 minutes running time is this time from my notes back in 2009; this version I’ve uploaded seems to be only 65 minutes – hmmmm.

Starring: Al Parker, Kip Noll, Scott Taylor, Kirk Mannheim, David Wilcox, Chris Noll, and Steve Taylor (as Mr. Ross)

Al Parker is making a porn video and need more guys to star in it, besides himself

OKAY – so the movie is above, and we wanna do our best to figure out the soundtrack – below are a bunch of spots for us (you, the readers, and me, the porno-crazed blogger) to update – post in the comments and I will update this page accordingly – if you want to note what’s going on during the music you’ve identified, or how far into the film, that would help – hope it’s fun!

  • Aeo [Part 1 & 2] – Brian Brigs – opening scene with Al and photographer Kirk – (looped at least twice)
  • Violation – Saint Tropez
  • Was Dog A Doughnut — Cat Stevens (credit: zephyr)
  • Voices Inside My Head (vocal & inst.) – Common Sense (credit: zephyr)
  • Oxygène Part I – Jean Michel Jarre
  • Oxygène Part 2 – Jean Michel Jarre
  • Voice’s Inside My Head – Common Sense (credit: zephyr)

a utube tribute Al Parker Flashback

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3 replies on “flashback music project”

Crowdsourcing the song titles and artists is a great idea, especially when the scene or film is available and everyone is using the same master source. I should have time in the next day or two to watch and listen to the film, and if any gaps are still unidentified I can try to fill them in and let you know. Doing stuff like this the old fashioned way, trial and error or searching song lyrics and other music databases, is fun for me when I have the time and is still my m.o. — that was how I helped you i.d. most (though not all) of the country songs heard in Closed Set 2 last year. And although I know that it’s not 100% accurate, someone familiar with shazam would have a much easier time using that app on a project like this esp. for some of the less familiar songs.

Hey, so I got the following musical cues after watching and listening to the version above:

0:01 – 8:24 — AEO (part 1 & 2) — Brian Briggs

8:48 – 19:30 — repeat AEO

20:45 – 26:48 — unknown song 1

27:16 – 35:55 — Was Dog A Doughnut — (then) Cat Stevens

36:06 – 41:47 — Voices Inside My Head (vocal & inst.) — Common Sense

43:22 – 57:42 — unknown song(s) 2

57:43 – 1:05:20 — repeat Voices on two turntables and don’t mix them together very well (that was kind of jarring)

You got Brian Briggs right;
the first unknown song would be a good candidate for shazam, it sounds like the whispering woman might be speak-singing French?;
the Cat song sounded a lot like a song derived from it called Salsa Smurf, that was what led me to it;
Common Sense covered the Police song the same year it came out, I think what is used in the film is this rather than the original;
and then you mentioned you thought some of the music was Jean Michel Jarre, this whole 14 minute plus section sounds like it could be one side of a record by Jarre or someone like him, since the songs seem to blend into one another to me.

If any of the ones I haven’t identified come to me I’ll leave another comment.

OMG – the Cat Stevens one I never would have gotten – how – HOW is that Cat Stevens?????

and didn’t pay attention that it WASN’T the Police, but a cover! cool!

( list to be updated soon)

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