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blond in yer ass

I think we determined who the blond is before, but I ferget. Too lazy too look through all the Brubacker posts!

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Well I’m bored and horny today, I’ll play. Looking through the Brubaker search results you linked above I came across two of your previous posts that may have some more info about this guy in the shower with Lee:

In the first link someone guessed Colt Thomas as the blond, but a later comment disagreed; the second link is about a magazine you sold on ebay in 2017, and your notes said “Lee Brubaker & a blond (6 pages) then a bearded brunette; then a hairy bearded guy in leather hat &” but the only pic you posted then was Lee with J.W. King. The guy in the pic with Lee in your first link above looks like the same guy with his face in Lee’s ass in the shower, but then again I’m notoriously bad at this game, after all I thought the vintage cowboy on reddit was either Roger or Paul Barresi which just made you go “tee hee hee” lol so I’ll defer to you and the other experts on identifying him.

NICE – I checked out the links, and I agree that it’s COLT THOMAS in that first link – despite OBSESSED’s concern about hair texture(?)

check out the look on his face for comparison, without worrying about hair….

but – we don’t really see his face in THIS pic, but a somewhat thinning hair…. and we have this, from Drummer 126, courtesy of Jim Wigler

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