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Roy Garrett & Man Parrish – Hot Rod to Hell LP

embarrassing. Another post languishing in drafts, this at least 2 years old – Roy Garrett & Man Parrish – Hot Rod to Hell LP – link still works!

Roy Garrett videography page – dammit! thought I updated this!

OKAY – 125 drafts down to 110 – getting somewhere…..

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the link may still work- but it brought up a security alert that wouldn’t let me continue- I had to cont/alt/del to exit the page.

I didn’t know this album existed! Very cool… I recently found a Man Parrish LP at a used bookstore (including “Heatstroke”!) and I’ve just ordered this one.

What a find. Roy Garrett, a poet, and artist, and was an incredibly hot man. An epic post, thanks.

This looks very significant, but my musical expertise is limited to…if-I’m-at-IHOP-and-a-Karen-Carpenter-song-comes-on-I-will-probably-know-all-the-words…that’s about where I stand.

My first introduction to Joe Gage (and subsequently Roy Garrett) was a tape I found in a shop somewhere in Maryland while on a porn hunt of the video “HANDsome” which was just so great. As you may know, it’s a whole video of just average, but hot guys jerking off together. Sort of genius in it’s own way. I made serious use of that tape. I barely knew who he was then, but as I made my way slowly through the Gage collection, “Heatstroke” was next, I became a fan of Roy Garrett (among many others).

I knew about his relationship with Bob Shane, but I didn’t know about this LP. I’m not surprised that he was multi-talented. So many in gay porn are talented artists or have other valuable skills. I’m not doing well remembering names, but Blake Harper being a nurse in real life comes to mind and there’s that guy who paints with his dick. Seriously, it’s just my bad memory. Often when I research porn stars I find out they are multi-talented in ways I never imagined. They also sometimes have sad stories, but if that isn’t artsy I don’t know what is. Speaking as a troubled artist myself.

Thanks for pointing out that there are more to these people than the superficial stuff. It’s easy to forget. Not that there’s anything wrong with just being really hot.

Ok, I just realized that this is an LP of recited poetry. Wow. So I must apologize for my complete ignorance. Even more so than I thought. Geez. BJ, feel free to delete all my comments! Sorry!!

I got the album this week, and it’s been on my turntable since. Sexy, dangerous, truly erotic… and I didn’t know it would come with a color magazine with interviews from from the period, Roy’s poems, and amazing photos I’d never seen! Thanks so much for this!

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