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Michael Christopher

who you may remember from such films as

  • The Best Little Warehouse in L.A. – (1982)
  • How I Got the Story – (1982)
  • Printer’s Devils – (1982)
  • Shore Leave – (1982)
  • Skin Deep – (1982)

  • Class Reunion – (1983)
  • Doing It – (1983)
  • Easy Entry (Buckshot) – (1983)
  • A Few Good Men – (1983)
  • Gayracula – (1983)
  • The Last Surfer – (1983)
  • Pleasure Beach – (1983)
  • Strictly for Ladies Only – (1983)
  • Tony’s Initiation – (1983)
  • The Arousers – (1984)
  • Bore ‘n Stroke – (1984)
  • Coverboy – (1984)
  • Fade In – (1984)
  • Fade Out – (1984)
  • Hot Off the Press – (1984)
  • Juice – (1984)
  • Mind Games – (1984)
  • Trick Time – (1984)
  • Hard to Come By – (1985)
  • Life Guard (HIS) aka The Safe Sex Video – (1985)
  • Making It Huge – (1985)
  • Men & Steel – (1985)
  • Rodeo – (1985)
  • Sweat & Wet – (1985)
  • Sweat & Wet: Private Offer – (1985)
  • Sweat & Wet: Private Sessions – (1985)
  • What the Big Boys Eat – (1985)
  • Obsession (Catalina): The Ultimate Experience – (1987) – looks like a previously scene of The Beau Matthews and Michael had been unused for 3 years before it was used here

from the 1984 film Trick Time, a 5-minute interview by director Joey Yale (and Fred Halsted)

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Back in the days when we would go to a video store to decide which movies to rent, if I saw Michael on a box cover that would lead me to want to see the film. Tall, attractive, very nice dick and body, not exclusively top as some bi or g4p performers were (and are) but still he usually found his way into that position. He was never the best actor in an acting sense, nor did he give off the impression that he was the brightest bulb in the box, but he was committed to his performances, even the dialogue that he was asked to repeat, like in Pleasure Beach. He’s one I’ve wondered about in a ‘whatever happed to…’ way, so many of these performers aren’t still around but he may have gotten out of the industry in time.

Wow! Thank you for this wonderful tribute to a beautiful man. I really didn’t pay any attention to him until I started reading about him here. He’s like a big, friendly puppy – was any other major star into so much affectionate kissing and nuzzling as Mr. Christopher? And, during his short career, he gave us a non-stop parade of some of the worst hairstyles in porn history.

I can find almost no biographical info about him. The most interesting is a post on the LPSG forum:

“Havin known Michael Christopher, 80s porn (Skin Deep, …), for over 20 years as his significant other I can say that he went on to do str8 porn including a shoot with play girl. He left the industry and started working as 1st a photographer. He later settled on setting up web sites. There are a few Michael Christophers out there and people must be confusing them. To comment on some of the posts. He was never in New York at the gaiety. He was 9 not 10 endowed. I am still grieving his loss in a recent car wreck.”

A lot of posts like this are just fantasies, but this one has a ring of truth.

Has anyone seen “What the Big Boys Eat”? The cover indicates that there’s a second scene between him and Neal Shaw in it.

from my notes when I sold a copy: “director Michael Christopher applies some suntan lotion to Speedo-ed Neal Shaw for a beach scene, which of course leads to sex. Even the cameraman Dewey gets involved, giving some interesting shots. “

looks like time for a re-look! and also some original music – wow!

Gonna need some proof if we’re to believe he really died in a car accident. That’s a tale as old as time—so-and-so didn’t die from HIV complications, so instead they died in a car or motorcycle accident. Just another story to throw people off the scent. And ‘significant other of 20 years’ is rather vague. MC was said to have gotten married when he returned to Michigan. Why no other details about this supposed 20-year relationship?

Excellent post, so many delicious photos of the big man!

I agree that some of his hairstyles were questionable, which can be said about most porn stars at one time or another, but I can’t ever remember seeing him and not drooling. He did not disappoint as a performer. Handsome, amazing body, and that incredible dick. Eggplant emoji. Sweat drops emoji. Exploding bomb emoji.
(Because of the explosive cum shots)

Michael Christopher & Neal Shaw? Yes. Just yes. More filthy emojis. You choose this time.

I know my age is starting to show when I try to explain my emojis. Hey, I was born pre-internet and I’m proud of it!

Thanks, BJ!

Arguably the best tits in porn, and that perfectly curved cock… I always found him so dreamy. He also appeared in the straight porn film STRAIGHT COMPETITION (1984), directed by bisexual director Paul G. Vatelli (an early AIDS casualty in the straight porn industry), which was pointed out to me by “Ask Any Buddy” curator Evan Purchell.

Full length Men & Steel is one of my favorites, with its own theme song. Michael personified early ‘80s gay porn and seamlessly made the switch to safer sex.

One of his hottest scenes is in A Few Good Men where he plays a military policeman. Those balls (shown above) complete with wafting dry ice and music by Costello Presley. Two bad he didn’t top Lee Ryder, who was in the same feature but they didn’t have any scenes together.

The theme song for MEN AND STEEL is an old disco song called “Under Construction” by El Coco

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