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how i got the answer

oh my. you’d think before I go pulling boxes out of closets, loading up VHS tapes, and banging the VCR remote over and over again to get that last bit of life out of the batteries, I might check a previous post (How he got the story) to see if I already have an answer to the question of where have we heard that dang song! (the non-porno version – They Lied to Me). But nooooooooo! So, while I was at it, figured recording/converting to digital (and posting the full 20-minute short film) was in order, and you can see how long you can last with that dang song playing before you turn the sound off!

How I Got The Story

NOVA Films, How I Got The Story, starring Michael Christopher and Beau Matthews

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Hey now, all I did was ask you if you knew whether Make Love To Me was in this film as well as the Good Times Coming VHS you just got, and mentioned in your post. Any unpacking of boxes and stacking of (if they’re like mine) residually greasy VHS tapes is strictly on you ;)

I do appreciate the confirmation, and I’d be willing to bet that that song probably appears in at least a few other scenes, films or compilations. That could be why by the time he got to making the music for The Young & The Hung, for one example, Costello was using a lot more musical cues and songs to create a more varied soundtrack — though even then you hear parts repeated. Maybe not as much as in this clip (which does change to a more guitar-synth hybrid sounding tune about 8 minutes into your clip).

Also Beau’s cumshot while astride Michael is glorious, no matter whether the volume is up or down. Michael’s is great too, that would have been a fun scene to watch them film.

HA! yes, its on me, indeed. not gonna ask about greasy VHS tapes…. hmmmm. and that tune is indeed likely to be on other soundtracks…. oh, and speaking of Beau and Michael – the climax in Pleasure Beach is amazing, too – however, most online versions of that film are remarkably dark, and no…… i will no be digging through tapes to verify if my version is also too dark for good viewing….. at least not today!

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