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Only 2 films!!! – Love Sweat & Beers (solo), & Shack Up with Mark Rutter – both from COLT Studios

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Another terrific Hank! Hankering for Hanks! I guess I should leave blog post titles to you, BJ.

Who’s hotter, Hank or Jesse? Who cares?! I’ll take a Hank & Jesse sandwich please with me in the middle!

I think Colt gave them both the same last name because they both have an indescribable sleazy-in-a-good-way quality.

I guess the main difference is that Jesse never did more than a solo, whereas Hank Ditmar also did that Shack film with my man Mark Rutter. That’s a scorcher.

BTW, how did you get that last pic (from Colt Studio Presents No4: The Young Colts) to be blue? The one I have is just B&W. Did you do that?

Either way, thanks for Hanks!! OK, I’ll stop.

that was from an Ebay auction – so not my own scan. Possibly the lister changed it, or a different edition of the magazine had the added tint.

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