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Director: Jack Deveau (1977) – starring: Roger and Jack Wrangler; with Jayson MacBride, Garry Hunt, David Hunter, Eric Streiff, Joe Dellasandro (uncredited), and in a non-sexual role Tray Christopher (Chris Rage’s voice as M.J. Stunning, a radio D.J.).

the trailer features C. J. & Company’s Devil’s Gun (1977) – click back there to play tune, here for background on Devil’s Gun

ooh, some old posts if I search “hot house”

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Later Hand-in-Hand videotape releases of Hot House used a song by Midnight Powers called “Dance, It’s My Life”

Which is interesting because the song wasn’t released until 1980 so it couldn’t have been in the original versions of the film. Dance, It’s My Life was also heard in Times Square Strip, which was the film Jack Deveau was working on when he died. I wrote a review for Hot House, one of the things that jumped out at me was the casual pot use which of course was very common at the time, though the depicting of that on film wasn’t as much.

very interesting…. a huge area of potential study is the difference between original films, and their subsequent video release – I’m not even sure when HAND IN HAND starting selling videos – but look at the box – copyright 1983!! I’ve dabbled in that a bit regarding the hack jobs some do just to fit an 80 minute movie onto a 60 minute cassette by the late 1980’s – but some, were done with the very first video release versions.

The Idol is a perfect example – Tom DeSimone bemoans the fact that his carefully picked soundtrack was changed when they went to video, to avoid music copyright hassles.

I noticed the year on your image, and you’re right, that would be a challenge to compare different releases. So much of it depends on determining the full list of versions of a film and when they came out. As well as what formats, pre-DVD your only options would be either film loops or feature length ones played on a projector, or VHS or even Betamax. I wonder if all VHS / Betamax versions released at the same time had exactly the same content, including audio?

Yes The Idol is a good example, Love Is In The Air is supposed to play during the poolside scene but not in the version I’ve found online. Also we talked about the Fox Studio film Intruders, gevi gives 1984 but the videos I’ve seen online all say ‘copyright 1988’ during the credits, and those scenes with the oily, frizzy haired Keith Dyson were clearly shot on videotape and inserted between the original scenes shot on film, so the music could have been switched too. Not to mention all the Catalina remastered DVDs that removed a lot of the original music from films like A Married Man, etc.

What a great preview! I was dancing in my desk chair!

That baby oil scene on the plastic was etched into my memory years ago. I first saw it in a compilation video called “Jack & Roger: Superstars.” So hot! I got a lot of mileage out of that scene.

Hot men, great film. Jason MacBride! And Joe Dallessandro. Love Jack Deveau’s work. I wish I had a decent photo of Garry Hunt. He looks so hot in the film.

Spanks for the memories!

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