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Ray Fuller

just taking at look at Ray Fuller at GEVI – his films seem to have been marketing and packaged and repackaged by many distributers! With that cock, not hard to see why, but other than his work with Joe Markham, don’t know that I’ve seen much other than stills. I had this in my drafts folder to do a “pornstar videography”, but just look at this one – Ray Fuller and Joe Markham – over 10 distributors, and Ray surely only got a few bucks for the initial filming, and that was it. Sorting through it just looks too exhausting, but not that it wouldn’t be cool to see just how many films he’s made – for now we’ll settle on 10-ish?

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Luscious Ray Fuller! I’ve actually seen a couple of other films with him, but not this one with Markham. Neither were especially good. Pool Party doesn’t have much energy. I always think of him as all those fabulous stills and whole magazines like Good and Plenty and especially Ballin’ With Ray made on him. Love love love that last stylized photo of him on the phone, which I hadn’t seen. It works perfectly–the shirt, the pose, the legs framing that storied basket of sweets. There’s a slight femininity to it that makes it even more erotic when there’s manhood that formidable pushing through anything delicate that is just there to enhance it, and commanding attention that is impossible to argue with. It’s a very recognizably *Hollywood-style photo*, even has that aura of “the rare photo”.

I agree about that last photo! I love that kind of thing. The way he’s posed, and the subtle line of his shoulder and upper arm coming out of that sleeveless shirt. All the props make it look just like those old Hollywood movie star “at home” photos that were so obviously staged, yet so fun. I suspect he was photographed near the end of the physique era (late 60s or early 70s?) but I don’t have any idea who the photographer might have been.

Also, love Ballin’ with Ray where he’s in costume as the motorcycle stud and the construction worker.

Wait. In the 2nd photo, what is with those pearls? So random! I love it. He’s really not my type, but I enjoyed this post.

Thanks BJ!

Yes, the pearls and modest plant are amusing. Either Ray’s mother or some designer queen of the period must have decided to make it arty, with few materials around. The way the pearls are draped is funny too–very 50s.

A few ornaments in the Hollywood picture could have turned it into a “Christmas in Sunny L.A.” for Beverly Hills real estate ads. For television, the camera could move slowly down during the narration, and artificial Xmas trees and angel figurines are seen before that wondrous lush cloud of Pubic Hair thankfully wipes away all memories of childhood. Santa Claus is finally forced to give way to what we always wanted: A WORLD OF DICK.

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