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Blake Palmer

who you may remember from such films as:

zipping through the harddrive looking for something else, I found these eBay images from a magazine called Two On One with what I am sure is Blake Palmer (AKA Brian Palmer / Skip Larsen), but looks quite similar to El Paso Wrecking Corp.‘s Jared Benson (who only has done one film???) – shown in the magazine posing with who might possibly be Joe Reeves – opinions? HAHAHAHA – luckily I realized before posting that the TWO ON ONE pics are Jared and Joe, not Blake. Then the post got scuttled, trying to find more BLAKE pics!

Somewhere in the comments here at BJland, I recall someone revealing Blake’s str8 work – but I can’t find those comments. But it makes sense, as his gay porno work seems to all be solos – in Falconheaad II he portrays both the photographer and the model; and in Screen Play he does a slow jerk off in his hotel room as Michael Braun enjoys the view from the pool outside Blake’s window; and in The Boys of Palm Springs – all the performances appear to be solo jerk-offs. Which makes the photos, regardless who his partner is, all the more amazing as we don’t get to see him ever touching another man in a film. But it’s Jared, not Blake! If you scroll back up to the Jared link, you’ll see Obsessed even linked to a Jared with Joe pic – but did I retain that 7 years later??? No! Honestly, BJ!

So in July I post that post about confusing the two, someone suggests googling ‘Blake Palmer Gay Porn’ and i do, and regret it, as the quality of pics aren’t so great if he’s still young and lookin’ good, or the later ones he hasn’t aged well (not for porn) and, and……ok, rambling over, and here are some pics of NOTBlake and (probably)Joe

Ok, Ok….. back to Blake….

OK, OK, after all that, how about some Blake Palmer from Falconhead II?

WOW! I have to admit I didn’t preview this scene before I edited it for posting….. and I somehow remembered the promo for the film that used parts of this scene, and the music was Jean-Michael Jarre’s Souvenir De Chine … very well-edited, very erotic. This scene, more jarring with its voiceover, and well…. so let’s check out the promo below:

ramble on….

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OK, I don’t think I knew Blake Palmer existed until this post. He seems worthy of my attention…

But I’ll tell you those two photos in the middle caught my eyes and I was intrigued and aroused despite all the confusion. Who are those guys? Did we nail that down in the end?

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