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HIM (exclusive)

so busy trying to free up my hard drive on my PC (it’s nearly at capacity, approaching 2TB’s!), so I’m sorting video clips, as I know I have dupes, or I have a clip or scene from a film, plus the entire film as well – so I’m deleting stuff, but not before I upload the clip and create a draft post – so here I am with 5 or 6 more draft posts, and nothing ready to post today.

but HIM; he’s perdy

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Yes, he is! It’s so exciting when I find a Target model who is new to me! Wish I had a name so I could create a folder, but they probably didn’t give him a credit. It’s possible I already have a folder for him, but I can’t remember.

I have the same problem with my laptop. I just moved all my videos to a portable drive because they were taking up too much space.

I’ve noticed how HIM changed their name as much as 3 times. First HIM Exclusive, then HIM International, then HIM Monthly. Then I think it became HIM Magazine. I may have those out of order. Do you know about this?

Do you know about this? – ugh, yes! trying to keep track is impossible – and one issue, I tried to look at table of contents, and there it added “exclusive” or “monthly” – which WAS NOT ON THE COVER!!

“…but HIM; he’s perdy”.


Actually, when phonetically reading a hillbilly or redneck accent, I prefer the spelling “purty”. : )

You’ve seen the movie “Deliverance (1972)”; with the notorious, male rape scene, right? : /

In reference to Jon Voight’s character, the toothless mountain man says the famous line:

“He’s got a real purty mouth, ain’t he?” Chilling! : |

Welcome back, Johnny-My Pet-Llama! Though I know you never officially left. : )

I know it’s sometimes hard, to find time to post on BJ’s wonderful blog. That’s why you beat me in identifying this nude dude, but only partially! I believe you’re right, that he’s a Target Studios model.

If my bleary eyes don’t deceive me, isn’t this the guy from Ramrod #4 – Leathermania? The one who is on the front and back cover?

Actually Johnny My Pet, you may have previously identified him as Ski Pollock. You also said that his brunet partner was named Joe Kellogg, remember? I have no way of verifying this, so I’ll take you at your word. : )

This should refresh, both Johnny Llamas’s and BJ’s memory. Am I right? : )

Ah, BJ! So many great and CHALLENGING posts! So little time! : (

; )

I was very very skeptical on the I.D. – kept looking and looking and somehow the…urrghhh – well, you boys got it right! The nicely coiffed hair threw me off!

while these ain’t great shots, its just part of my need to gather as much as I can, download on the harddrive, and perhaps use later when trying to figure out something like – THIS!

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