Jack Wrangler pornoclips

You Are Always In My Heart

Trader Dick – (1977) – Starring: Buzz, Dwayne, Jack Wrangler

“Buzz and Dwayne decide to end their boredom by making a Trader Dick call. When Jack Wrangler arrives, the results are very much to their liking as Jack leads them on a sex rip that produces sensual satisfaction just where the boys want it – in their horny groin. Their hard dicks end up gushing like oil wells.”

Apparently, I had this 8MM film, but sold it off in 2009. Alas, I have an entire box of unwatched 8MM’s, but got rid of the 8MM player back when I moved in 2017, so no way to view. Anyhoo…. fortunately many have been digitized for our viewing pleasure – again, soundtrack a bit, um, well, not sexy – unless the accordian/harmonica version of You Are Always In My Heart while Jack Wrangler gets blown does it for you! oh wait! – El Manisero for Jack getting “lucky pierred” – and Roses of Picardy always makes me cum – how ’bout you?

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Great clip – thank you.

Trying to get an all-inclusive and chronologically accurate survey of Mr. Wrangler’s work would seem to be an impossible task. Who knows how many loops like this he made?

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