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MEN AT WORK – Warehouse Load

Warehouse Load (1978) – starring Clay Russell and Ron Stevens.

Apparently, I’ve posted this before; but when I realized I have two versions of the film, one maybe 20-30 seconds shorter, but also different soundtracks – I thought it deserved some attention. I’m sure the original had no soundtrack, but then when it went to video, got added music; the one above, which I previously posted is longer but added that awful tacky “old timie” music, like someone’s tying someone to railroad tracks or something! The one below, is shorter, but with different music, which, I must say, I also don’t think was the selection when NOVA first put this out on videotape – I think it is also a much later version, music-wise – and there’s at least one frequent poster who may well recognize it. In any case, which do you prefer?

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Yeesh! Both soundtracks are annoying! But I have to give the edge to the second version, even though it’s shorter. The print is more clear and bright. I think I may actually enjoy this sequence better, in print.

As I said before, I think Nova put all their money in loop, print publications, rather than in audio. Didn’t all their porn loops, have a corresponding, magazine printed?

I’m pretty eclectic in my music tastes. I love all times of music – old and new. But I never developed a liking for ragtime piano music. Listening to the first loop, makes me think I’m at Shakey’s Pizza. LOL!

What’s with the birds twittering? Well, at least they didn’t use a polka. : |

It’s pretty amazing, how much work Clay Russell put in; both film and print. He was there from the beginning, and even got into video.

I’ve really become quite a fan of Ron Stevens/Cameron, thanks to you. I don’t know why I dismissed him earlier, in hindsight – hot guy!

; )

First on the video, the quality is much better in the second, slightly shorter clip and looks like it’s been enhanced. The longer one is grainier and seems like it’s closer in picture quality to the original loops that flickered away in some booth at an adult bookstore with a sticky floor, or on some dude’s projector in his basement or garage back in the day. Brief aside, I wonder how many of those loops have survived since the 70s? I’d guess many have disintigrated by now, especially if they weren’t kept sealed in those little tin canisters they came in.

Before I move on from that, about the scene itself, the action sequences are pretty good when compared to a lot of the other product like that from the era. And Ron’s cumshot is quite impressive, I counted multiple arcing shots that flew onto and over Clay’s shoulder, yummm. Clay has that vague Freddie Mercury vibe going on, which is what I always think when I see him, but as with obsessed I’m not sure I had ever paid that much attention to Ron before but he’s a looker too. And I couldn’t tell exactly what was cut from the longer one to make the shorter one, just a few seconds off the edges of one of the positions they assume I guess.

“I think it is also a much later version, music-wise – and there’s at least one frequent poster who may well recognize it…”

Who, me? The weird guy who types too much and never shuts up about the music in gay porn? Awww BJ sweetie, you know me too well ;) I’ll start by agreeing with your assumption that few if any of the original loops had sound of any kind, be it dialogue, grunts and groans or music. Some filmstrips had sound, like the kind we used to watch in grade school when I was a kid, so it seems like they could have added that part if they wanted to, but most companies likely just saw it as an unnecessary expense when the visuals were what mattered most. And any music would have been added in when amassing these loops and releasing them on videotape when that industry started booming, I agree with that part too.

The music in the grainier and slightly longer clip – sounds like a player piano, similar to what’s heard in most of Gold Rush Boys (except for the Joe Reeve / Kurt Williams pairing which is more an acoustic guitar ballad). At least in Gold Rush that sound matched the era in which the film was set, in this case yeah it’s pretty distracting. At the time this was transferred to video the first time they still didn’t have to care about copyrights and such, which is why there’s so much varied music of lots of styles that is found in some of the films and collections. But at least in this case it was likely free to use, maybe even royalty free.

I recognized the song at the beginning of the second clip right away, it just took me a beat to place it. That slow synth beat, followed by a series of rapid hand claps. Then when it came back by the time Ron fires off his load at the end, it hit me … I’m almost certain that’s the ‘theme’ as it were, to Surge Studio’s A Few Good Men. Am I right? I don’t have that handy to check it myself now, there’s a slight chance it was another early 80s military themed film like Boys of Company F or something like that, but I think it was from the Surge one. Unlike a lot of Steve Scott directed films, A Few Good Men actually credits someone for the music, in that case ‘H. Winslow’ so if that’s the case, then the one with the better picture quality came out in some collection after 1983, and they just stole it from Surge. Whereas the Nova / Nebula one dates back to 1981 for the videotape collection.

Maybe the second clip had to do with the Bucky’s XXX All-Male whatever collection it’s on, which could have been as late as the 90s (and might explain the improvement in quality) ? I know that Midnight Men was involved in repackaging some of the Nova and Nebula loops, either just as a distributor or even doing their hatchet job on them, and possibly replacing music from earlier collections as well. Midnight Men, the K-Tel of porn.

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