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billions served

One in a Billion – (1984) – director: Al Parker
More housekeeping – couldn’t delete this promo clip without making sure it was on the blog, and therefore preserved on the internet but wooooooah – I posted, then deleted the clip of One in a Billion back in 2005? Makes sense – back then bandwidth was expensive… so now that the government pays me (THANKS BIDEN) to post porn, and bandwidth is unlimited….. hahahahaha!!!!!

and don’t you just love Al’s voice-overs?

music? I feel like I should know this!

check out this REDDIT review – One In A Billion (Surge Studio, 1984)

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Thanks for the link to my review :)

I don’t recognize the music heard in this preview, don’t think it was heard in the film as well so Al likely just ‘borrowed’ it from somewhere else. Pretty funky tune though.

And as for the music in Warehouse Load, the song during the middle of that clip is also heard in A Few Good Men, during the K.P. scene. So that’s at least two tunes that can be credited to H. Winslow, whoever that was. I wonder if Man Parrish might know something about that?

“Warehouse Load, the song during the middle of that clip is also heard in A Few Good Men, during the K.P. scene.” – guess what? I knew it was an Al Parker or Steve Scott film, but got it wrong – but was confident YOU’D figure it out – thanks!

If I had to guess I’d say the first generation Nova videotape release of Warehouse Load was the one with the player piano – or as I think you put it, music like you’d hear when a woman is tied to the railroad tracks screaming ‘help! save me!!’ lol. And the later release, with the improved picture quality, just raided the soundtrack to A Few Good Men for at least those two songs, including the one with the rapid hand claps (or maybe that’s supposed to simulate gunfire?) Makes me wonder how much porn music has appeared in multiple films and scenes, sometimes credited or not, as with the Cowley Afternooners soundtrack I noticed on the clip you posted not long ago, where the guy was thwacking his nuts as he beat off.

Delicious video clip from a favorite film. There’s so much to love in this one. Glenn Steers and Dave Connors alone.

The cast is awesome. The only one I’m not sure about is Jason Hill, but it’s not really an issue. You can’t not like the infamous carwash scene!

The sexy but underrated Mike McDonald is kind of overshadowed by the other “stars.” Great to be reminded of him. Yes, the bathroom scene is super hot. I think if I went into any bathroom and saw blue tiles, my dick would spontaneously start drooling.

Is that Al Parker in a cameo as the newsstand guy?

Thanks BJ!

Mike McDonald – only other porn work in Dangerous? must be t-room scene with Jim Rogers. Let’s give me a little love with an additional pic

and yes – Al is the newsstand guy!

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