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front to back

I just acquired this magazine, and while it’s condition isn’t perfect (in fact, I suspect some pages are missing), nonetheless I just spent the morning scanning the entire thing. But out of the corner of my eye, I can see the thumbnail for page 34 looks a bit, um, bright. Dammit! So I scan again, and it’s nearly identical… hmmmm, so I finish up, am about to close the scanning app, and notice some funny looking buttons, and next to it a clickable button to “reset” – click, scan again, and now the scans look like the magazine itself, and no I am not re-scanning the whole dang thing!

While the original could use a bit of sharpening, I still want the scanner to reflect what’s there, then if I want, I can make a copy, and diddle, as I sometimes do (cropping, etc)

bonus, a business card was taped to one of the pages! Should I call?

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Aww, that’s too bad. My set of scans is so small.

That 3rd pic looks OK. And the front and back cover look pretty great! Don’t give yourself a hard time. *smiley face*

Gabe is amazing. As is Gordon Grant. I like “Stan” and “Jeremy” from the inside as well. And of course, Matt Harper. But we only get three pics! I think those are from a larger set though. Taken at the piers, I think?

All in all an incredible magazine!

Thanks BJ!

Gabe – not my type, but there is some wonderful photos of him here – I only have ONE Matt Harper – so alas, I think I am missing at least one page/leaf

but good deal, so while I may tell the dealer, won’t hold it against them

Yeah, definitely should be three pages of Matt. And yet my set of scans only has 48 pages while your back cover is labeled 50, which suggests your mag has 50 pages. I must be missing some pages as well.

I could send you what I have, but like I said, scans are small. They average about 600 x 795. I wonder if it’s on AM?

I did not see it on AM – which I checked before I bid – reminds me – i think the seller has more I want! There was one loose page in the mag I got, making me think the missing parts may have been just one 2-side page, with Matt – especially if you’re saying there are only 3 pics.

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