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August 31, 2010

Hot Flash of America

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how cool to have this shirt, from Wakefield Poole’s store/gallery/hair salon Hot Flash of America!

note the take off of the Arm and Hammer logo

August 30, 2010

catching up…..

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ride the pony

Norma Jean! I never knew you at all!

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directed by: Gorton Hall (1974)
Starring: W. Paris, Jerry Fields, Chuck Ballard, Jamie DeSeguin; with Jim Davis, Erick J. Murphy, Rob Andrews, Jeremy Willis, Danny Brewer, Jody Spencer

Opening credits roll as Love Unlimited’s Love’s Theme plays; Under The Influence of Love, also from Love Unlimited, plays during the clip above; other music on the soundtrack includes The Carpenters and Pink Floyd.

can these guys dance, or what?

August 29, 2010


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Big Max (star of Colt’s Grease Monkeys with Bruce Craig and Tom Blake – very very hot film), or Mike Spanner (star of Target’s Dunes with Nick Poulos), or Sam “Max” Pasco (solo star of the rumored Cli-Max) or just get yourself a massage by calling 212-255-8763.


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where’s the Menz Bar?

August 28, 2010

aka Ken Savage

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Ken Bergquist, so hard to find good pictures of him, but i like this one

August 27, 2010

i think i promised a blowjob for

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kayaking lessons to the gentleman who sent this one

how could i forget paris?

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sheeesh! more embarrassment – from this spring, but at least I actually thanked the guy on the website where we met.

August 26, 2010

mommy, i don’t like this tilt-a-whirl!

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directed by: Frank Ross (1992)
Starring: Tommy Spit, Steve Miller, Mario Vialli, James Silva, Mike Mc Garry, Kevin Casey, Jon Edwards, Mike Harris

August 25, 2010

not just friends

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the film they did together, Not Just Friends has a very simple plot: Noel Kemp, staying at his buddy Joe Porcelli’s place, is whacking off when Joe pokes his head in to check on his buddy, and decides to give him a hand (and a mouth, and a cock, and an ass…..)


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this guy looks familiar

August 24, 2010


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al parker and steve taylor, in WANTED

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