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March 31, 2011

i’d do almost anything for

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these gym shorts (except, well, going to an actual gym)

March 30, 2011

Young Stallions

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Young Stallions
directed by: (197?)
Starring: Joe Markham (aka Joe Markhum, Joe Markum) – only one I can identify

what I’m seeing here doesn’t seem to match anything as listed in the Gay Erotic Video Index’s listing – perhaps just a different film with the same title? But besides the hot t-room sex, the voiceover is just fanfuckintastic!

March 29, 2011

what’s it called that he’s doing?

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oh right, ex-er-size. i’m been thinking about trying that soon, what with bikini season coming and i can’t just take for granted that my man will stick with me forever with all those extra winter pounds I put on. sure it feels OK in the cold summer months, but what happens when sweat season returns?

March 28, 2011

eligible men

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Manny Parrish, Clinton Coe, & Joe Gage

can’t recall exact date, 1982 or 1983ish, an article / photo essay titled: “The Eight Most Eligible Men in New York Nightlife”

March 26, 2011

gordon & bill

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winter sun

March 24, 2011

mon petit poulet

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petit poulet

nice pants

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March 23, 2011

long weekend

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March 21, 2011

Point Me Toward Tomorrow

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Point Me Toward Tomorrow
directed by: Francis Ellie (1977)
Starring: Lew Seager, Lee Richards, Giuseppe Welch, Andy Breugera, Bill Howard, Dan Raymond, Perry Fryer, Rodger Schultz, Trane Johnson, and Wiliiam Hallquist

A poignant story of a young, beautiful lad (Eddie) blinded in a car accident and his love affair with the man who ran him down (Dr. Bill Howard). This moving tale focuses not only on the sentimental aspects of the young man in love, but also Dr. Howard’s jealous lover, Tony. As the film climaxes, the youth is forced to masturbate by Tony and later regains his sight after Tony hits him repeatedly in the head with a cane.

March 18, 2011

Apartment For Rent

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directed by: Wakefield Poole (1974)
Starring: Casey Donovan, Val Martin, Burt Edouards, Kurt Gerard,and in this scene, Apartment For Rent, Peter Fisk and Tom Wright

Here’s some footage from the VHS version – I think you’ll easily be able to tell where the cut is, (notice Tom Wright’s hair). Sorry, thought I’d have more time to expound, but later for work!

March 17, 2011

trailer for MOVING!

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oh yeah, how ’bout that trailer I posted a while back

March 16, 2011


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Peter Fisk and Tom Wright, from Wakefield Poole‘s Moving!

for awhile now, I’ve been mildly obsessed with finding decent pics of Wakefield Poole’s partner, Peter Fisk. He first appeared on the big screen in Boys In The Sand (1972), of course; but it was his appearance in Apartment For Rent – the 3rd segment of Poole’s 1974 film Moving! – that really grabbed my attention. The combination of short hair in a long-hair era, and his half-sleeve (or is it quarter-sleeve?) just seemed so cool for that era. I had never actually seen the full film until a Wakefield Poole retrospective at the Anthology Film Archives back in 2002. (a bit of my impressions of it back then – here)

anyway, remember a few weeks back when google announced they had reformulated their search? Well, unlike most people who google their own names, i of course googled porno directors to see if my site benefited from the new formula. Well, at least a couple weeks back, typing in “Wakefield Poole” I was pleasantly surprised to see my page up in the top 10 results – woo-hoo! (it’s back down again, awwwwwwww) Anyway, it did lead me back to the website for the Poole documentary, Dirty Poole, that’s been in the works for awhile. I had known about this for awhile, and kept thinking I might donate a few bucks to get the remastered version of Bijou, and well, I had just gotten a decent raise recently, and thought maybe before i re-think it too hard, I should do it. And I did. BUT – tooling around the page, i discovered something much more cool on the News and Updates page – Wakefield Poole’s Vintage Film “Moving!” Released on DVD!!!!! Woo-fuckin-HOO! All this to say with shipping it costs only about 22 bucks, I ordered it late one night, and it arrived in the mail today. I had previously prepared a clip of an edited piece from the VHS version, and will post it tomorrow probably. But now, I am turning the computer off, sticking it in (the disc), and cross my fingers that the remastered version is complete – not just the fisting scene (which I was surprised how erotic it was) but more important in my memory, the haircut scene, which oddly also got deleted from the commercial release of the film. more later…..

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