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Trick Time with Michael Christopher

adorable Michael Christopher gets interviewed by Trick Time (1984) director Joseph Yale (and Fred Halsted gets in a question or two).

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The clip was very interesting, I don’t know that I’d ever heard him speak aside from the dialogue in his scenes that had that. I have Michael filed away in the same category as Rocco Steele more recently: great body, fantastic dick, seems like a pretty smart guy; but not that attractive of a face. Still if I was staring at dicks that nice I’m not sure why I’d be looking at their faces anyway.

I hear ya – good comparison to Steele, who I think is very hot WITH his face! Michael has grown on my over the years, possibly he almost always seems to be into his partner, not just his nice, slurpy cock

Very interesting interview which confirmed what is ready in the early 90s that he’s bisexual and that he left the industry after “settling down” with the woman he married. Ah!

I always thought he had a really nice dick.

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