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lube (earthman edition)

John Towers (AKA Butch McAlister) and an uncredited buddy from a 1978 COSCO magazine (Earthman, Book II), and film Call Me Ruf and Ready, released in 1979.

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Falconhead 2: The Maneaters

Director: Michael Zen (1983)

this scene: Brad Mason (top) & Steve Collins (saran wrapped)

Starring: Paul Barresi, Rick Taylor, and introducing Blake Palmer; with Brad Mason, Paul Monroe, Steve Collins, Danny Combs, Vito Bonetti, and David Jones; The Transvestites: Sabato, Monica, The Garage Girls; Voices: Christian Black, David Samuels, Lawrence Deo

it’s been a few years since the last time I posted this clip – saran wrap man is…. Steve Collins; but I thought it was worth a re-look. Another in the many HIS Videos that got chopped up/down for no apparent reason – this scene is missing from newer VHS and the DVD! arrrggghhhh 20 minutes missing!

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The Back Row

Director: Doug Richards (AKA Jerry Douglas) The Back Row (1973)

Starring: Casey Donovan, George Payne (The Kid From Montana), Robin Anderson (The Hippy), David Knox (The Sailor), Warren Carlton (The Cashier), Chris Villette (The Hard Hat), Arthur Graham (The Student), and Robert Tristan (The Roommate).

George Payne in his first film spots Casey Donovan (in his 3rd gay porno film) at New York’s Port Authority bus terminal, following him down into the subway, and eventually into an adult movie theatre. George is painfully shy, and reticent, but Casey has no trouble getting it on with several of his fellow patrons. Original music composed and conducted by William R. Cox – thanks zephyr!!! (the theme song from this film is very similar to Everybody’s Talkin’, from Midnight Cowboy). The music in this preview, I don’t think is from the film; the preview is from a Hand In Hand preview tape, and is likely original music that perhaps was written for another film.

"vintage" porn stars Paul Barresi

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someone asked about Barresi – AKA Derek (this is from a magazine called Derek)