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boots & saddles

Director: Francis Ellie (1979)

Starring: Jack Wrangler, Scorpio, Roy Garrett, Adam DeHaven, Chip Kingsley, Claude Caswell, Joe Ryder, Lou Ricky, Ray Poole

there’s a plot! Jack Wrangler must track down a trick who mistakenly believes Jack gave him gonorrhea – only to wind up in the hands of “Nazi” Scorpio (thankfully, other than a swastika flag, there is nothing Nazi-ish going on, unless some spanking = Nazi); great disco soundtrack, like Dennis Parker’s New York By Night, and King Errison’s Manhattan Love Song (Ellie usually uses cheesy library-recordings of non-copyrighted music, but not here!); even several actors appear in the film in non-sex roles ( I wrote that back in 2003, but can’t tell you who)! This particular scene has one of my favorites, Roy Garrett, trying to have sex in the bathroom of Greenwich Village’s “notorious” BOOTS & SADDLES; they’re kicked out, then finish up in the stairwell.

and some stills previously on BJland

note: the actual bar, in business from 1974 was forced by high rents at it’s longtime home at 76 Christopher St. to move around the corner in 2014 or 2015, then only lasted a couple years at 100A Seventh Ave South (and re-emerged in 2020 as “Playhouse Bar”?)

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I love this movie! This is from the second era of “Francis Ellie” features, when Larry Revene was photographing them for John Amero, and you can definitely tell the difference. Revene is a much better cinematographer than Michael Findlay, the previous straight-man cameraman, and his eye for composition and unique scenarios makes for fantastic and memorable little grinders from this era.

In the mid-80s, and maybe earlier, this bar was generally referred to as Bras & Girdles. Not my style, so I frequented another one maybe a block down – mundane name, so I don’t remember it anymore.

oh, I remember! I was more East Village – The Bar, Tunnel Bar – The Last Resort (early 80’s – great jukebox!), Boy Bar…. then Boiler Room, WonderBar…sigh.

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