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Jeremy Brent + ?

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“Nice tattoos”…no, I wouldn’t say that. But at least, they’re unobtrusive. I can tolerate these. It’s pretty amusing, that they both have the same rope design, but on opposite biceps.

It’s fascinating that Jeremy Brent, sports a rougher look here than he did as Erron, for his Colt Studios work.

Honestly BJ honey, do I have to tell everything? Well, at least you got Target Studios right, so I’ll give you credit for that. : )

Wow, yet another porn model that only did work in print, but not on film or video. This seems to be a popular theme with you lately.

This leather model goes by the professional name, “Ted Brennan”. I hope his alias wasn’t inspired by Walter Brennan, the actor from “The Real McCoys”. He does slightly resemble Walter, when he was VERY young. : /

I got this from Joe Gage’s blog. Here’s a B & W glamour shot of him, looking straight into the camera. I know you’ll appreciate this. As you can see, he’s a natural blond. I had to inform Mr. Gage, who he was as well, so don’t feel bad. : (

As I told Joe Gage, he’s not to be confused with that other leather model, Stutz. Remember, Stutz is with Colt. Ted Brennan is with Target.

You’ll appreciate this as well:

Now that I think about it, I had to inform you who Stutz was, as well. Joe Gage didn’t know his name either. My! My! My work is never done. Class dismissed. ; )

ha! won’t argue tattoos, but it really was more about their similarity – had not seen any pics with Brennan’s tattoo – thanks for the link! Also, had only seen him in a mustache, no beard. Stutz? who dat?

hmmm, now that I’ve looked several times, I am not convinced. I know the magazine clearly says “Ted Brennan” and Jeremy is certainly paired with Ted in other photospreads (on retrostuds, in fact) – and I know a beard and mustache can change, but the tattoo – not once is that tattoo on this man in the other Ted Brennan photos – and it looks like a faded tattoo – we need another opinion….. or more research, or both…. Ted Brennan, no film, no other (known) partners besides Jeremy Brent – a COLT alias, maybe? arrrggghhhhh – and I can’t even find my favorite Ted Brennan jockstrap pic on my own damn site!

The stud known as “Ted Brennan” told me that he got the tattoo several years before his photo shoots with Jim French, when he was in the navy. French wasn’t a fan of tattoos, and would often angle poses to avoid the ink. I don’t believe he ever covered them or air-brushed them out.

He also said he did one film for French, and he would show it to me someday, but it was in his storage locker. We stopped dating and he moved to Pittsburgh shortly thereafter, so I never saw that film. Curious who he was paired with.

I think these are nice tattoos too. But I totally adore tattoos, including the extremely elaborate ones on today’s Power Bottoms like Lucas di Fubbiano and Power Tops like Max Arion–if they’re super-muscular. I don’t like them on asses, usually, but I suppose that could change–I’m not sure I’ve ever seen on. I never thought I would like them till fairly recently, though, and don’t like most piercings, although the right dick can look fabulously lewd with a Prince Albert There was one by the pool at the old Coral Sands Motel in Hollywood I saw that I couldn’t keep my eyes off and I told him how hot it looked. That place was heaven on earth–or hell on earth, I don’t even care, it was hot–like a bathhouse in form of a motel, and you could leave the curtains wide open while you were fucking. Went ‘family-friendly’ in 2011, I went once–totally tragic loss of a Satyr’s Treasure–lots of gorgeous hustlers and pornstars too sometimes. Had been for decades and I went every Xmas in the 00s, usually for a week.

The only tattoo I always saw from the 70s was Toby’s *Fish Tattoo* on his left forearm, which I always thought looked totally hot. Seemingly just as permanent was the gold bracelet he never took off on his right arm, surely something from his Bill, his lover 22 years for the rest of his life.

I’m not a fetishist about them, though, and can’t see any way Joe Cade, for example, could possibly look better than with no tattoos or piercings. I want some tattoos on my arms and prick, though, but no piercings, not even ear piercings.

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