"vintage" porn stars Richard Locke tattoo

nice tattoo

don’t. just don’t. it’s Richard Fucking Locke, and it’s a nice tattoo!

more Richard Locke
more tattoo
even more Richard Locke

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Thanks for great *TATTOO* link. I wonder if Nino Scappa’s is the first Ass Tattoo I’ve actually seen. He’s fucking GORGEOUS on your ‘Buns’ post. Sometimes a moustache will make a pretty guy into something way more glamorous.

Seems most in the 70s porn had smaller tattoos, although a lot of other guys had fairly complex ones on their muscles, and I don’t remember that many tattoos even in the 90s. I guess it was the 00s when the elaborate tattoos started. Some of these in your archive, like the little one on one of them’s thighs are still popular, although often accompanied by a lot of little star-tattoos as well.

The *DRUMMER 8* cover you posted is a kind of overdone tattoo I loathe. Those are almost like the freaks who do total body tattoos. I still think the elaborate ones done on today’s models are the best–when it’s a more abstract design, not faces and such as on the DRUMMER cover– when they’re super-muscular, but Locke’s *Butterfly* is sweet, and curious that he would have chosen that. I saw him a good number of times, but don’t remember the tattoo.

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