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Sins of Johnny X

Sins of Johnny X directed by: Taylor Benson (1975)
Starring: (this scene:) Dave Daniel and Ty Winslow – rest of film, Clay Grant, and Kurt Williams

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BJ! You must have won all the Spelling Bees–I love this one, and couldn’t figure it out yesterday, so googled “Johnny Carson”. It still took me 24 hours to realize that YOU did it with 2 *aitches*, but it still looks funny now with “Johnny”, ought to be just “Jonny” maybe. Anyway, I despise pedantry, but used to pride myself on it, so I’m still fairly good at it.


Don’t tell anyone! I’m responding, in a whisper. I’m afraid if I write this too loudly, the links won’t work. You can’t trust Google. : /

Wow BJ, this is absolutely freaky and uncanny! I swear you must be psychic! ; )

I was going to give you these links, in a future response to your previous clip of this movie.

But since you brought this clip up again, I might as well do this now. I’ve been holding on to these, for about a year now.

Boy, to think this happened, right after I posted about the other “Kurt Williams”. This one features the “Kurt Williams” that you prefer; the one with the cobra tattoo.

Have you ever seen “The Sins of Johnny X” in its entirety? For a vintage porn flick, it’s pretty effective and literate – nice dialogue. I’ve never read of it being a vintage classic porn flick, have you?

Maybe that’s the result of it being made before video – 1975.

To think that Richard Locke uses the name Ty Winslow here; he did have a porn career before Joe Gage used him, as we know. : )

Prostitution seems to be on your mind lately. : )

Kurt Williams aka Mike Adams, effectively portrays a cynical, male prostitute. His acting isn’t bad at all. I do agree with you, that he was pretty hot! It’s curious that his voice is rather flat and nasal.

He has a cutting monologue where he lectures Clay Grant and Dave Daniels, on their decadent relationship.

He’s sort of like the character of “Hickey”, in the play “The Iceman Cometh (1946)” by Eugene O’Neill; a hard, ruthless character, stripping away the other character’s illusions. ; )

Or, you can compare him to the character of Harold, in “The Boys in the Band (1968)”.

Or the transsexual character of Joanne, in the play, “Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (1982)” played by Karen Black. : )

As Sam, I can’t say that I was ever a fan of Dave Daniels. He’s a little too effete and supercilious, for my taste – an obvious queer in both looks and voice. : (

However, I did enjoy him in “Desert Fox (1978)” with Mike Morris. : )

But the real revelation here is Clay Grant as Bob! He’s actually a very good actor with a deep, resonate speaking voice! It’s downright, stentorian! Who knew?

His only other film is “Dreamer (1974)”. From that, I would have never guessed, that he could be so effective and touching!

It’s curious. I’m not really that partial to facial hair, as you obviously are. But I do think that Richard Locke aka Ty Winslow, looks so much hotter with a moustache or full beard. I feel the same way about Al Parker and Bill Cable (Stoner).

His deep voice here however, is as sexy as ever!

I think of this role, as a stepping stone to his well deserved stardom. : )

You have to start somewhere. : )

Let’s not forget that so many mainstream stars and actors, started out in supporting roles, T.V. soap operas, commercials, music videos, advertising, crime enactment stories, even porn (Dennis Parker, Arnaldo Santana, Joe Dallesandro)!

Note to “zephyr”: This movie also features a bootleg recording of “Someone Saved My Life Tonight (1975)”. Despite the song’s tortured inspiration, it’s still my least favorite song, from Elton John and Bernie Taupin – endless!

“You’re a butterfly. And butterflies are free to fly. Fly away. High away.” : /

Anyway, this film is worth seeing, even in increments.

All you guys should enjoy this, when you have the time. : )

But keep this a secret. Who knows how long this will still be free, online.

; )

When I first saw this post I thought it said, “The Sins of JohnnyLlama,” and I was briefly panicked. Phew!

This is a terrific cast. Kurt Williams is another all-time favorite of mine just because of his scene in Kansas City Trucking Co as the “Desert Rat.” Such a hottie!

It is weird to see Mr. Locke without his beard, but I love that cover photo. He looks like some sort of proto-human in that shot, in a hot way.

Thanks, BJ!

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