90's porn bear

Toilet Tramp Bear

ANTHONY GALLO – who you remember from such videos as: Bear It All, Big Bear Lake, Chicago Bearfest, From Hair To Eternity, Leather Buddies, Tag Team, Tijuana Toilet Tramps, Nude Housekeeping, and many many more!

I remember being excited when Titan used Gallo for a few videos – but oddly, the GEVI page only shows him in compilations. I think I remember him in some Titan wrestling-themed movie that included Eduardo – both of them with better haircuts than their late 1990’s work. But of course, again, my favorite TITLE of his work has to be Tijuana Toilet Tramps – his best work, no. Joey Stefano with bad long hair, no. But he’s doing it in a public restroom and…. need I say more?

I should dig up more of those STROKE magazine pics

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Anthony was in Titan’s very hot ‘Tag Team’ a wrestling movie, along with one of my favs, Jason Branch. You’re right Eduardo was also in it, along with big dick York Powers. Love Titan movies especially by Joe Gage.

Micheal Musto mentioned Tijuana Toilet Tramps in his column in The Village Voice once. I thought he was joking. Now I find that there really is such a thing. Indeed a divine title.

Yes, I do remember Mr. Gallo, fondly! One of the best things to come out of the 1990s.

That dick, yes! I seem to recall it was so big he sometimes had trouble staying fully hard, (is that right?) Anyway, it never bothered me.

Such a hot man. Then, every once in a while, he gives a sly look and those dimples pop out. So sexy!

I have that photo set with the torn undies, but it’s oddly unlabeled (in my folders) and I don’t know what magazine it was from. My record-keeping gets a little less reliable with anything after 1990. It was definitely Advocate Men, I think, but dunno’ which issue.

Great post! Perfect for bear week. Thanks BJ!

Grrmmmm Anthony Gallo! Hung, versatile and hairy (unless he shaved, as in Kirsten Bjorn;s movies). And he put on weight later on, making him chunkier and beefier than most of the other models. Yeah, I lusted after him and still wish he’d resurface to do some daddy porn for HotOlderMale or Older4Me.

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