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Sol Rosenbloom

Only one film, Sol? Sometimes New York Men is attributed to Arch Brown, but Arch is credited in the film only as the editor; would love to know more about this solitary effort (as far as I know) that includes some giants in gay porn at the time – Eric Ryan, Lee Marlin, and J.D. Slater (OK, J D was just getting started) in these dream / orgy sequences. And we get 2 pet peeves in one post!!! – a missing scene, and box cover art that is misleading (erroneously putting photos of pornstars not actually seen in the video).

The first clip is the opening 10 minutes of the E-Z Rider version of the film; and you’ll also see the box cover art below (extra credit for ID’ing the stars, and the actual film the photos are from). WARNING – if like me you are not into str8sex scenes, you may want to FF (fast forward, smartasses!) that part. It’s part of the plot, Eric Ryan’s wife, so it makes sense, but, just not for me. But take a quick look at it before jumping down to the actual first scene. While I did sell my Mustang Studios 70-mintues version of the film (but the VHS cassette is shown below); alas I have these lo-res version of both the 63-minute EZ-Rider, and 70-minute Mustang version to get these clips from. And then of course, included in the soundtrack – Oxygene, Pt. 2 from Jean-Michel Jarre. one of the most used tunes in early 80’s gay porn! I don’t doubt theres more uncredited music. SO you are actually viewing scene 2 first, then scroll down for the actual opening sequence.

Above is the actual opening sequence, and you can click the link below near the bottom of the post for the finale.

previous clip from New York Men – after viewing the finale at the link, extra credit if you can name the hairy guy with snake tattoo on his pelvis(?) – here’s a hint – the cast listing: Eric Ryan, J.D. Slater, Scorpio, Robert White, Jose Morales, Lee Marlin, Kimber Wilkes, Beau Ashley, Eddy Slash, Bob Bleeker, and Toni Rose

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Sticking to the music, and you mentioning Jean-Michel Jarre … I did a deep dive into my spreadsheet of music, which I’ve never converted into a system where I can cross-reference anything, but anyway these are the vintage films I have entered where at least one of his songs plays. Some of this info came from you and your blog, I’m sure most if not all of it is familiar to you, and of course this list is incomplete but I thought you might be interested.

* Falconhead 2 / Souvenir De Chine
* Flashback / Oxygene 1 and 2
* Huge 1 / Equinoxe 7
* Johnny Harden & the Champs / Magnetic Fields 1
* New York Men / Oxygene 2
* Oil Rig 99 / ???

Do you know of any others?

Wasn’t sure which of his songs was heard in Oil Rig, thanks for that. Instrumental music is much harder to pinpoint when it was borrowed / stolen unless I happen to recognize it, since there’s obviously no way to do a lyric search. Now that apps like shazam are out there that opens the door to knowing a lot more about where the music came from, I still think it’s an important part of the overall porn experience. And one that gets overlooked a lot of the time.

My tape looked exactly like that! And I’m sure I bought it based on the box cover men (who were from 2 or 3 different films). However, in this case the actual video was not a disappointment.

I didn’t care much for the M/F scene either, but as it’s followed up by Eric Ryan (and JD Slater) jerking off in the shower, not bad. That’s what fast forward was made for!

Then the 3-way with JD and Eric in the apt. Then the outdoor orgy. Then the indoor orgy. Generally a great movie. JD Slater at his best I think. Or maybe I’m just nostalgic, because this was my intro to him.

Thanks BJ!

so the EZ RIDER version isn’t as bad as their usual mess-ups – missing one 7-minute scene (the opening dream sequence) and putting a photo of actors/models not in the movie……

but still! glad I was able to recover the full version

That box cover bullshit was a nasty trick. I wonder if it was just lazy on their part or a calculated move to sell more videos? I mean, why? It seems so random.

At least we don’t have to deal with that anymore.

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