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those balls

Mickey Squires, who you may remember from such films as

pictured here from a 1989 6-page spread in Mach #17 magazine – photos by Victor Largo

I really should do a proper filmography/videography, but meanwhile, here’s more Mickey Squires on BJland.

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A few questions I have about Mickey, maybe you know the answer(s) BJ. First of all, was he a writer/blogger or interviewer of other gay porn performers after he retired from making films himself? It seems like I had, or may still have, magazines or even a book written by him, that had info about actors from mostly the 90s, if I’m not mistaken, and it seems like it was written by a Mickey but I just can’t remember now.

Secondly, does he have three balls?? It looks that way in the pic. I met a guy at a bathhouse years ago with an extra one, we were in his room and he still had his towel wrapped around him, after removing mine with my permission … ahem … anyway he said he was odd “down there”, asked me if I wanted to see it and I remember feeling them a lot more gingerly than I would have had he had the normal number. The third was sort of in between the two on the sides, higher and closer to the shaft. Just wondering if maybe I need to get my reading glasses checked.

Yes, Mickey had a blog, and from looking back in my own blog, I found 3, but only one that is still online – HEY MICKEY! – that lasted about 6 months back in 2006. (, and are no longer accessible). But I don’t recall him interviewing any other pornstars, it seemed to be more a personal diary type of blog in each incarnation.

balls – nope, i am fairly confident he’s got just two; check out the numerous links by searching my page, or his a quick look via Retrostuds.

Yes that’s it, thank you — after digging through my print collection of mostly magazines but a few books, I found what I was trying to remember yesterday: Bad Boys On Video, Interviews with Gay Adult Stars by Mickey Skee. Jeff Palmer is on the cover, after he started doing porn obviously but before he went kind of cuckoo for cocoa puffs, as it were, which gives a sense of the era of porn stars interviewed. Other sections include Cole Tucker, Will Clark, Sonny Markham, Rex Chandler … anyway I just got my Mickeys confused.

I also still have a Damron’s guide from 2004 (had an older one at one point but it was falling apart) and a few books of true life sex stories, one called Scum (edited by Boyd McDonald) and another called Enlisted Meat. I remember the guy who left me his porn collection, both of these were his as he liked these stories better than the mostly fictional ones from the 80s magazines like Blueboy, Inches or First Hand. Now I guess I’ve got some re-reading to do.

wish the second pic had each complete photo separate… how would one go about finding photographer Victor Largo? or the publishers of MACH? – from 30-years ago….

cool – Mickey Skee apparently was in a bunch of pornos, but all non-sexual roles! I sold ones years back, The Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony . and I probably also had at least one of his books.

I hadn’t looked Mickey Skee up on gevi, thanks for that link. There’s a small pic of him in the book I mentioned, under “about the author” in the very back it describes him as a writer of reviews and fiction for various magazines in the 80s and 90s, including Adult Video News as their Gay Editor. The book was written in 1998 so it’s not new by any stretch, and I don’t know anything else about him or if he’s still aligned with the porn world somehow.

As for Mr. Squires I do remember you featuring him here before, he was quite beefy in the pics you’ve posted here. I know what you mean about those types of photo spreads from magazines, how sometimes you might want a full-size copy of a smaller indented and/or crooked pic in a spread, but aside from scanning an extra huge copy of it and then trying to isolate it with photoshop or something I’m not sure how to do that. Also dunno who would own the rights to the original pics, the photog likely but also through a magazine that probably doesn’t exist anymore.

Mickey is a real gem of a man, both in these films/photos and in real life. A loud and proud Broadway queen and still as gorgeous as ever, he’s almost the literal definition of a teddy bear in my mind.

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