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mmmm, bartlett pears

Clinton Coe, who appeared in only one film, my favorite, Joe Gage’s 1982 classic, Heatstroke.

But he did do us the honor of helping to promote Gage Gear, including Joe Gage’s HOT TALK TAPES – which makes me wonder if it included Jud’s Fantasty, the voiceover during the orgy scene with Casey Donovan as Jud watches. Meanwhile, let’s just sniff that crotch a bit.

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A shame he didn’t do more films, but once you were in not just the best porn film ever, but the best scene IN that film? Nothing more to prove.

makes me wonder if he was slated for “Django” – mentioned in the closing credits of Heatstroke – as that wasn’t made because of its huge budget…. and then Gage switched to low-budget films under the name Mac Larsen?

It always bummed me out that DJANGO isn’t even brought up in his otherwise comprehensive Manshots interview.

seems like Django didn’t get made for 2 reasons the high budget and the lead actor’s Death :(

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