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Joey Yale

who you may remember from such films as

  • L.A. Plays Itself (1972)
  • Sextool (1975)
  • Abducted (197?) (as Kenny)
  • Rear Admiral (1980)
  • Three Day Pass (1980)
  • The Private Pleasures of John Holmes (1983)

and then his work as director Joseph Yale, with his partner (in life, and running COSCO Studios) Fred Halsted as producer:

  • Alleycats (1983)
  • Revenge of the Nighthawk in Leather (1983)
  • Blown Away (1984)
  • Coverboy (1984)
  • King Size (1984)
  • Trick Time (1984)
  • 7 Card Stud (1985)
  • More Than a Mouthful (1985)
  • Thinking Big (1985)

intro from Night At Halsteds

after credits from Pieces of Eight

17 replies on “Joey Yale”

Excellent profile! I only know him as Halsted’s lover/co-star but now I know more.

I forgot (or never realized) he was in Abducted, which I love because of my obsession with Dick Trask.

Thanks BJ!

Also, great collection of photos I’d never seen before. I think I had only about 4 pics in his folder. Now I have more!

The 2nd bondage one might have been hotter if his dick wasn’t totally in shadow. Or is it more interesting for that exact reason? “Less is more” or whatever. Certainly, it is realistic.

When I watched A Night At Halsted’s again not long ago, I couldn’t tell who the guy was working the front desk at the beginning and end of the film. Shorter than Fred, blond, chomping a piece of gum and seemingly spaced out (to the point it was hard for me to tell what he was saying), wonder if that was Joey? It’s not listed on Joey’s gevi page, nor do I think his name was in the movie credits but it could have been him in an uncredited non-sex cameo, since he and Fred were a couple and he likely would have done it for free.

Zephyr— It was Joey. I have most of all the movies on DVD. I like to spark up a hooter and go back in time.. lol Keep cool!!!

BJ agreed that it was Joey as the desk clerk in A Night At Halsted’s, glad to know you agree. Spark away, that’s the best way to watch porn in my opinion! I just wish it was easier to understand what Joey was saying in that clip, he looks blitzed himself … yeah man, it’s totally far out …

Superb modelling of the Brown Jeans Crotch with the big black belt. He knows exactly how to wear them. I saw a boy showing his casually fat selfish gorgeous Prick walking by the Seine in the 70s, and have never worn anything but brown jeans since. I always bought clothes that were like my sexiest lovers, if I thought the look was that worth working for.

You definitely seem to have lived a little, Mr. P! One always looks forward to reading your comments on these posts and the magnificent men featured therein. You remind me of so many of my bon vivant, dissolute metropolitan friends, many of them long-gone… so it’s good to see one of them still about living that life.

Thank you, that’s very kind.

Worse, I’m still living it as long as my Prick works.

It is true what you say, most from that period are gone, or they don’t continue to live the rake’s life. I can’t think of anything better.

I may be a little bit late adding to this discussion about Joey Yale. I think that it’s almost common knowledge that Joey appeared in “The Private Pleasures of John Holmes” as a bottom that John Holmes has his way with him. In the premiere issue of “INCHES MAGAZINE” in March of 1985 there is an article, almost a memoir of Joey’s experiences with John Holmes. The sex is described in an appealing way as to the moves John sought to seduce Joey with a 14 inch penis and for his part Joey enthusiastically went along with everything that John wanted from him even going so far as to perform his famous “baseball bat test” which he goes on to describe quite explicitly. Was wondering if anyone ever came across Joey Vale’s writings?

this is excellent – thank you! I made this post before I started adding publications, and I just checked out the INCHES article you mentioned – I had kinda dismissed this film years back, and likely sold a VHS copy or two on eBay – but this has me interested in finding it again, and checking it out.

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