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JOBSITE (full movie)

Director: Kennith Holloway (1984)

Starring: Gador, Eric Ryan, Daniel Holt, Scott Avery, Lenny Dean, Terry James, Brad Mason, Keith Williams, Tanas, Scott Thompson, Robert Vega, Dave Ashfield ; plus: Bobby Cerrato, Champ LaRue, Marc, Dan Gillen, Roger Cook, Dan Hodge, Robert Vaqe, Rob Wright, Dill Duncan, Randy Page; Mark Edwards as Uncle Charlie and Kenneth Weyerhauser as the Attorney.

88 minutes running time; very fun film with good sex; plot: young man, Tad (Scott Avery)discovers his grandfather has died, and left him all his estate. Tad leaves military school to discover he’s inherited a house, bar, and food catering wagon. The lawyer decieves him into thinking their are huge back-taxes owed, but Tad investigates, and discovers the house is now a male brothel, run by his distant uncle (our fun narrator Uncle Charlie)

  • scene 1: Tad spends some time saying goodbye to his roommate
  • scene 2: after getting the real scoop from his campy Uncle Charlie, Tad looks around the house – guy in a mohawk and an Hispanic-looking guy dressed as a cowboy
  • scene 3: great scene with Robert Vega and Dave Ashfield
  • scene 4: next they use the lunch truck to lure construction guys – 3 of the men take a break inside the truck
  • scene 5: meanwhile, Daniel Holt is seduced by 2 guys with a lunch cart in an office building
  • scene 6: more lunchtruck activities, a bearded hairy man with tattoos (don’t know his name, but he’s in the last two scenes!) and 2 others.
  • scene 7: Eric Ryan, in cowboy hat, pulls up in a cadillac with a sun roof
  • scene 8: construction guys working on converting the abandoned bar into a gay bar all take a break – 7 guys
  • scene 9: opening night at the bar, (Job Site, of course) gets out of hand; Laura Brannigan’s Self Control plays during much of this scene, and you can hear a muted lucky Star too – too many guys to count.

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OK, I love this.

The guy at the lunch truck who was watching and then joined in only to get a mere handshake after the other two finished? Classic. Too funny. I would’ve been like, “Hey, come back here!” Of course, he did finally get some in the later scenes.

I always felt like Champ LaRue was one of the hot guys in this video, but photos of him seem to be rare. I realized I don’t have any. He’s the beefy young guy with a fuzzy chest in the first orgy scene (scene 8) who joins in with Brad mason and Dan Gillen. You can see him briefly in the “Truckers!” mag that has photo excerpts from Job Site, but they are action shots and he is not showcased well. This was not his only film too, so I feel like there should be at least one good photo of him out there somewhere. I am making it my goal to find one. I googled him, but without any luck.

It’s hard to pick a favorite scene, but the one with Brad Mason getting fucked by Dan Gillen in front of the food truck is very memorable. Such a treat to see the whole thing again. And what a trip down memory lane.

Thanks BJ!

Another thought: how annoying that the box cover model isn’t even in the movie. Does anyone recognize him? That tattoo on his chest feels familiar.

I know back then it was a frequent practice to have the outside of the VHS box covers NOT reflect the actual cast. And that was part of the excitement in porn shops- whether video or mags, you never knew exactly what you were gonna get. But when the box cover was hot and the movie was not- big disappointment.

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