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The Young Ones

The Young Ones (1983) – from – PM productions Antonio Cintron, Danie Connors, Jose Morales, P.J. Saxon, Pat Johnson, Piper, and special guest stars – Bob Shane and Roy Garrett (misspelled as “Garett”) “P.J. Saxon, new to the gay lifestyle, wants to experience every sexual thrill possible while he hangs around porno theaters.” Can you […]

"vintage" porn stars Heatstroke men in suits

mmmm, bartlett pears

Clinton Coe, who appeared in only one film, my favorite, Joe Gage’s 1982 classic, Heatstroke. But he did do us the honor of helping to promote Gage Gear, including Joe Gage’s HOT TALK TAPES – which makes me wonder if it included Jud’s Fantasty, the voiceover during the orgy scene with Casey Donovan as Jud […]

"vintage" porn stars Heatstroke

Clinton Coe

Clinton Coe, appearing in only one film, Heatstroke, but in plenty of ads for Gage Gear!

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wear me

one of those things you discover and can’t believe it! Can’t remember which early 80’s magazine this is from, but I am paging through, and see this image of you-know-who with the famous mustache (he’s referred to simply as The Star in the ad!), and then realize it’s a “Gage Gear” t-shirt! Yup, an ad […]

Joe Gage pornoclips

HANDsome Dad

Some weeks back, I stumble upon a comment that I missed/neglected on a Clinton Coe post – This was not Clinton Coe’s only porn film. He was also the “dad” on the phone with his “son” in the first sex scene in Joe Gage’s “HANDsome” (1981).” – which puzzled me, as he is not credited. […]

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Flesh 1995

Flesh 1995 at Gay Erotic Video Index Director: Ken Holloway (1985) pre-condom – 78 minutes running time Starring: Ian Phillips, Chris Allen, David Ashfield; with Vincent Thomas, Chris Thompson, Jimmy Jagger, Rick Gerard, Paul Auchon, Chad Combs (AKA Chad James), Tony Kennedy, John Andrews, D.L. Smith – special appearance by Shawn Victors I sold this […]