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Jack Wrangler, my all-time favorite masturbator (well, other than…. ), just gives it his all when whacking on his big meat – so hot! Video clip is from the Turnpike scene in Joe Gage‘s Kansas City Trucking Co. Did you know that after completing filming for this movie, Gage told Wrangler that his big whack-off scene didn’t turn out well, and wouldn’t be included; Jack, ever the pro, flew back to New York so Gage could re-film! Isn’t that great??!!

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One of the most memorable jackoff scenes I have ever seen was Scott Bond in Classified Action. He had a great body, cut face, oddly brown dick for being so fair skinned but his solo in this film was really hot and culminated in a HUGE cumshot that’s squirted a puddle that looked to be a quarter cup onto his smooth, muscular chest. Then he smears is all over his torso. I’ve always regretted that this scene hasn’t shown up online. It was the first porn movie I ever bought, on VHS and I haven’t owned a player in at least 15 years.

Yes, Jack Wrangler, masturbator extraordinaire! He really made self-love an art form in these films. I didn’t even need to see him with anybody (though that was, obviously, appreciated) because he truly loved his own body and cock enough that each solo was a production. It’s like his face and hands were one half, and his cock and body were another, and the two halves met to have volcanic sex.

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