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The Super (aka The Basement)

Director: Tony Russo (AKA Tommy Russo) discovers that his boss, Pete Bronsky, has a little hideaway he goes to to relax and whack off; Pete spies, we watch each (alas, seperately).

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regrets, I’ve had a few….


soooooo, sometime back in 2005 I had this magazine,The AL PARKER ALBUM, which, not only did I sell, but I only took some scans, and not as large a file as I would do nowadays… so researching what happened to that magazine, I can see the below eBay auction for the magazine (waaaaaaahhhh, I was unemployed, I needed the money, waaaaaaaah) anyway, here it is, tidied up a bit, but funny, you’ll notice some pics are cropped. eBay had this set of rules, basically you could show nudity, but not sex. so this passed muster. Just as I was about to post this, I found another html file, and I forgot that i made a post with a link to an AL PARKER ALBUM page, with slightly different pics than the auction – promises, promises – check it out. And then, if you check out the magazine cover, they are different – so back in the 2000’s, I had TWO Al Parker Albums???? ughhhh!

eBay auction page below

  • 52 pages – only 2 are “ADS” – for other COLT products (8mm films with AL, and the COLT FOLIO)
  • 16 pages if beautiful color, the rest in Black & White
  • AL & Mike Davis from Timberwolves (1977 film) 6 pages, 11 photographs
  • anotehr 2-page, 8 photogrpah spread of them together in Making Hay – the two hot men during their first meetin amongst some haystacks!
  • AL & Tony Romano 6 pages, 9 photographs (see B & W kissing photo)
  • AL & Wolf Dehner in this hot photospread with this hot cop – 6 pages, 10 photographs
  • AL & Bob Bishop 8 pages, 19 photographs (looks like photos taken as same time as film shoot for Handtooled, in the van
  • 3 “solo” pics of AL from Handtooled (several hands join AL naked in the back of his van!)
  • AL meets TOBY! from thier only film together, CHUTE 8 pages, 15 photographs
  • AL & Mike Davis again, 6 additional pages, 13 photographs

please note: magazine in great condition EXCEPT – sligh dog-earing on front cover – see pic; and back cover has some “crinkling near bottom of page – see detail below

please note: copyright is 1982, but pics were obviously taken during AL PARKER’s days at COLT STUDIOS, in the 1970’s – this magazine has a sticker price of $10.00, but is otherwise identical to the same issue that has the $8.50 original price tag

check out about me page for other auctions

PRIORITY MAIL ($4.50 includes delivery confirmation – combine “wins” and save
i.e. 1-4 (depending on thickness) mags ship in U S PRIORITY MAIL FLAT RATE for $4.50)

Please pay by U.S. POSTAL money order, if possible, for fastest shipping; (other money orders, and checks ok, but may take 7-10 days to clear).

"vintage" porn stars Target Studios

Tommy Russo

That’s the guy above getting his balls worked on…sigh.

Only one film? – Yard Birds (AKA Country Caper) (1980?); contained on the VHS Bullet Videopac 5, which I own, but alas the tape is broken (and so why do I still have it?) And just hardly any photos – meaning just this one from a magazine called BULLET presents Bulls Eye! that I nabbed from eBay with him and co-star Brian Dexter….. the search goes on…

edit: but wait!

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Tom LeDuc

who you may remember from such films as

  • Hard To Come By (1978)
  • School Daze (1980)
  • Muscle Up (1981)
  • Intruders (1984)

previous post on Tom, from 2009 – I Need Somebody To Love Tonight


  • THE FOX (1978 – Fox Studios)
  • LETHAL MEAT (1979 – Fox Studios)
  • In Touch 063 (March 1982)
  • Mandate (December 1983)
  • FOXHUNT 4 (1985 – Fox Studios)
  • ALL MUSCLE 2 (1987 – Fox Studios)
  • INTRUDERS (1988 – paired w/Kime Powell – Fox Studios)
  • HARD TO COME BY (1989 – Fox Studios)

If anyone knows of other publications, let me know – and of course any corrections! And of course – Tom LeDuc at GEVI.


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1976, Man’s Image; John Gamble might be the photographer, and the model, of course, is Matt Harper