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Jobsite – scene 8

scene 8: construction guys working on converting the abandoned bar into a gay bar all take a break – 7 guys

Director: Kennith Holloway (1984)

Eric Ryan barking orders as foreman – the “circus” music before the action starts – “shut up ya little shit and grab my dick”“if they’re gonna go for it, I’m gonna go for it” – and of course, the pop music kicks in….

I may have to do a quick look at the entire film, to see if it needs the “what pop songs are on the soundtrack” treatment – in this scene is an instrumental of…


construction guys working on converting the abandoned bar into a gay bar

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Al Parker

Paul Brooks (ish)

from the 1982 magazine The Best of Al Parker (I do not own this one, yet) is this awesome image….but… don’t get me wrong, I love AL – but wouldn’t it have been cool if the perspective was also much lower, showing the full Paul Brooks enjoying Al?


just don’t

no comments about his basket, mkay?

"vintage" porn stars pornoclips Wakefield Poole

Apartment for Rent

3rd and final scene from Moving!

Director: Wakefield Poole (1974) – starring Peter Fisk and Tom Wright

This scene is best known for the fisting portion, as Poole wanted to honor his partner’s (Peter Fisk) interest in it. But I found the buzzing off of Tom Wright’s hair to be what turned me on! Maybe because I was anticipating the former, and didn’t know about the latter. Saw it for the first time (uncut) in 2002 at a Poole retrospective, and got to meet Mr. Poole!

previously on BJland (2009 post); and even more rambling about Peter Fisk; and some more rambling on Moving! (2011 post)

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welcome Frenchmen?

This is fun – someone at Tetu Magazine saw my Instagram page, and asked some questions so they could do a story – how cool! (Does he think I am 80 years old?)