edith head where r u?

Fade In (1984), from director Roger Earl – this is scene 3, with Chris Allen, Scott Clark – who is, apparently, the ‘Grim Reaper’. While I likely sat through this scene, and the entire movie, many times during my porno theater years, I still don’t know why the crazy outfits!

and yes, you remember correctly, last year I posted all 68 minutes of Fade In

"vintage" porn stars

stairway to Keith

Perusing some mid 80’s scans from various JOY STICKS, and JOCK TALK magazines – published in the 1990’s, many of the pics are from the 80’s, and from MAN-AGE Studios. It’s a real hunt to find something interesting, but the focus seems to be on NYC models, sometimes the Westside Piers, other times indoors… and here we are – Keith Anthoni! – I was going to settle on this first pic, with the cockshadow and all, but, ahem, had to edit it. First it was the, what’s in called, smaller insert pic in the lower right corner – but once I did that, the picture on the wall got on my nerve – not the image itself, but that it was crooked! scroll to bottom so see original pic, and you can see why I had to edit! But once I went through all that, figured I’d add in some more Keith, but keeping to the stair rail theme that this photographer used for Keith and other models.

"vintage" porn stars

chair men


searching JOCKSTRAP

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pornstar - videography

Rick Madison

who you may remember from such films as:

Rick Madison – wow! barely any films, not many magazines/photos – but the look. Especially in the Wakefield Poole film below – almost ripped from my early NYC years – Midtown Manhattan office, businesses sharing a bathroom and then you see this guy checking you out! oh my!

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Ramrod No4 (1979) – Target Studios
  • STROKE 2-3 (1983) – film review

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