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Scott Avery and Glen Armstrong from the magazine Wild In The Woods, which is from the 1984 Robert Walters film Something Wild

someone out there must have the theme song – “I feel a change, a new lifestyle, we’re getting ready for Something Wild” – written and performed by Garth Evans

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Working It Out

Director: John Gamble (1977?) – starring Chuck Stewart and Jim Craig (AKA Big Max, Mike Spanner)

sigh. there is supposed to be 2 parts. alas, this is what I could find on a DVD compilation called “HOT JOBS” – not sure if the VHS version has both parts, or only this 7-minute version… well, at least it’s something!

“The movie was lighted and filmed by John Gamble to professional standards, and the color, content, and continuity are the result of painstaking editing and feature-film-quaility lab work.”

"vintage" porn stars

Cocksucking Buddies

so I thought I’d do a quick post, typed “COCK” into the search bar for my files, and this was first result. Edit, crop, upload…. oh, who’s pubic hair? Where’s J. W.’s cock? search search search, oh this was my magazine, that I sold in 2017 trying to get some $$ in the bank before the move our of NYC…

here’s a blurb about the magazine (and apparently my whereabouts back in May of 2017) from the eBay auction:

  • Featuring: Nick Rodgers & Melchor; Steve Taylor from Dangerous; Jack Wrangler
  • Al Parker & Kirk Mannheim from Flashback;
  • Jim Rogers from Dangerous; J.W. King & R.J. Reynolds ; Steve York & Ben Barker from The Boys of San Francisco; Jack Wrangler – Clay Russell –
  • Lee Brubaker & a blond (6 pages) then a bearded brunette; then a hairy bearded guy in leather hat &
  • Duff Paxton, Sam Benson, and John Charles from Flesh and Fantasy; Mike Cole, Rob Stevens, and Randy Gutzman from Flesh and Fantasy
  • 96 PAGES of photos – all color – no ads, some text – no publication date (probably early 80’s)
  • please note: there may be cover wear from age and use – see pic(s)
  • NO SHIPPING MAY 19-23 – out of town!!
"vintage" porn stars

Steve Taylor (RAUNCH)

more Steve Taylor

"vintage" porn stars pornstar - videography

Todd Russell

who you may remember from such films as

  • Delivering a Load (1980) w/Scott Forbes
  • Hot Lunch (1981) w/Rick Masters
  • Pumping Eight w/Chad Scott
  • Packard Parts (1981) w/ Eric Clements
  • Tricking at the Bar w/ Davis Shaw

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