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January 20, 2019


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January 11, 2019

Joe Roberts

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Hunting down pics of Joe Roberts ain’t easy, especially when he’s only done 4 films – A Married Man (co-starring with Jack Wrangler), I Do, A Good Day’s Work (found in Manhandlers Collection), Inches and One on the House (found in Ah Men loops collection (1982) – (via gayeroticvideoindex – thanks); he’s got two pseudonyms (Joe Marconi, Joe Tharp – and a 3rd, “Jack”), and then the movie titles don’t always match up with the magazine titles, like the one above, from One on the House – which is from a magazine called Pinball Master! I have to say, the dates associated with his films seem to be off on GEVI – like my notes show Married Man as 1978 – (vs. GEVI’s 1974) – hard to imagine a “porn career stretching 8 years, til 1982, and only 4 films to show for it. More importantly, check out the clip below and see why Joe has stuck in my mind all these years, playing the gardener in Married Man – the man was HOT! (and I love the beefier him in the above pic). Still trying to figure out where he is in Al Parker’s Inches – either one of the 3 masked guys in Al’s dream of his lover Steve cheating on him, or later, in the bar scene with the Donna Summer soundtrack and anonymous sex. Another puzzle – is that really him as the hairdresser in I Do – mustacheless!! – (egad!!)? Hard to tell from a quick look – anyone?

Joe Roberts in BJLAND

January 10, 2019

Scott Taylor

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from curly-haired in The Boys In Venice and Rough Cut of 1979, as his hair got shorter (in his work with Al Parker’s Surge Studios and Christopher Rage’s Live Video) he manipulated his junk beyond the simple auto-fellatio of his first two films, he had an amazing package, don’t ya think?

Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor

January 8, 2019


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French photographer and model, Michel Guillot – he, as well as his photographs, appeared in Western Man publications; he also did modeling work for Target Studios as Ben Chapin (1976?)

January 7, 2019


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All day looking at porn, working on posts, but completing nothing, like the one hanging in the “drafts” folder since February – of 2016! Anyway, all that and you get this one pic from Christopher Rage’s 1985 movie, Tramps. J D Slater for sure, but the others? perhaps Denton Crane, Jason Daniels, and Steven Bishop? Those are the notes I have from an unfinished (again with the unfinished projects, posts, eBay sales…!!) eBay sale – wonder if this pic below means I still have the tape?

Dane Tremmel(l)

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Why is it nearly impossible to find ANY pictures of this guy – Dane Tremmel(l)? He seems to have done porn in 1976, then bam! gone! This is a pic from Kansas City Trucking Company (Dane in cowboy hatt, Skip Sheppard is the blond) – you can also see Dane in this scene from Raw Country – and finally ( I think that’s it – 3 films) he’s also in Saddle Tramp & the Cowboy (uncredited) with Richard Locke – see below ( I think I have more pics, somewhere) – anyway, such a nice cock, would love to see more pics of it – er, him.

December 30, 2018


Barracks (1975), scene from Sextool

Director: Fred Halsted – starring Val Martin, Jim Miller, T. Rhodes, and B. Dick

December 29, 2018

Michael Christopher – Peterbilt

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Was out of town for a quick getaway, and passed by the PETERBILT factory, or lot, or whatever – and of course thought of this iconic pic. Mentioned it to my partner, and “what?” “Who?” – nevermind, a different era….. Then, when I got home, I had to find the photo, and struggled for awhile googling – surprised how few results, but I guess few places had I.D.’d Michael Christopher as the model. Anyhow, it turns out I had this magazine some years back, and as usual, sold it (back in 2006). A mere 3 pages, 7 pics, 2 in color – but still, wonderful.

Beau Matthews

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Seems a lot of Beau Matthews on my site is from his stints with Michael Christopher

December 26, 2018

Santa daddy

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December 25, 2018

drummer gifts

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xmas lights

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