"vintage" porn stars

lucky Pierre

Eric Ryan , Daniel Holt, and…..? and yes, with a little research, I could probably figure out who the bottom blond is, but let’s see what you guys come up with

"vintage" porn stars music in gay porno pornoclips


Gym Nasties on BJland. and sure, let’s see if we can figure out the tunes….

"vintage" porn stars

Rocco Rizzoli

This has to be a still from COLT’s Coming To The End – one of only two COLT films Rocco Rizzoli (Giorgio Canali) made; the other was One More Time with Mark Rutter. And it was one of only two he made with Nick Rodgers; the other was – Tailor Made – one of the loops from William Higgins’ Malibu Days: Big Bear Nights.

"vintage" porn stars pornoclips

Jock Dreams

Jock Dreams (1981) starring J.W. King and Mike Kelly (AKA Eric Stryker). It’s a 12-minute short, often found on VHS attached to the Tony Prince film Rawhide – AKA Jocks & Cocks, – stills from the magazine Locker Room Cocks.

"vintage" porn stars

speaking of Nick Rogers….

oh wait, that post about Rocco Rizzoli is still in the drafts folder…. anyway, I stumbled upon this photo in a magazine featuring photography by Bruce King – had no idea he had photo’d Nick!

more Nick Rogers on BJland

more Bruce King on BJland (oops, “We found 1 (now 2) result for your search.” – I’ll need to look into that!)

"vintage" porn stars NOVA films

Gregg Donovan

appeared in only one film – NOVA’s The Jock (1979), which was part of the Fistsfull collection. He did manage to make it into many, many magazines (More Cover Guys, Jocks Shots, Gym Nasties #2, Jock Strap Hard On) and while I thought it was all from the same photo session as the film – baseball cap, lockerroom, jockstrap, and of course, THAT fistfull! – the promo for the collection has him floating in a pool – with, of course, THAT fistfull!

"vintage" porn stars

Loren Marks

who you may remember from such films as

  • Three is a Dream – in the collection Every Which Way(1983/4?)
  • Alley Cats – in the collection Every Which Way (1983/4?)
  • Heads Up – – in the collection Triple Treat (1983)
    and these publications:

  • Colt Men 13 (1984)
  • COLT CALENDAR MEN #4: Leather

barber shop with Doug Weston, funky alley sex with Beau Matthews, and a 3-way with J W King and Todd Baron – not bad for only 3 films!