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March 19, 2019

the cowboy

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Clay Russell and Butch McAllister (AKA Stash Pulaski) in a pickup truck by the ocean – The Cowboy scene from The Boys of Venice (1979)

more from The Boys of Venice on BJLAND

March 17, 2019


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our first visit to the Adirondacks – just beautiful!

March 16, 2019

ramrod 4

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March 11, 2019


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(for a few days)

March 9, 2019


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March 7, 2019

Brad Dillon

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Brad Dillon – AKA Steve Packard, Dusty – only two films?? looks like Cycle Jack (found in the Fox Studio collection Bore ‘n Stroke ) and Working Off (found in two NOVA Films collections, Fistfull and The Jock) – both are “solo” efforts.

A little more prolific in magazines: Male #1, Dusty 4-5 and Strap #3 – all solos – but then look at this pic of Mr. Packard I had somewhere on my hard drive – with another guy!! who? where? where can we find more?

edit: just after hitting “publish” I noticed the text on this page – apparently he’s done work for COLT, and I’ll bet the pic above is from that/those session(s) – whatyathink? I have some photos on the hard drive labeled “Steve Packard” – but a different, bearded guy – appear to be COLT or Target…. so…

March 6, 2019

Christopher Street

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balding, in tight running shorts – Jack Hacker (aka John Best, John Houston) – but who’s the other guy?

previously, Christopher & Washington

March 5, 2019


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from Workload Number One. Published 1982 by Close-Up Productions, Ryder and Chris Olsson

March 4, 2019

more cocks (not instagram edition)

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March 3, 2019


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too much time on INSTAGRAM – was starting to forget what cocks look like!

March 2, 2019


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John Gamble Presents The Manhandlers No. 3. Published 1979 by MV Publications (Jim Craig (AKA Big Max) + Scott Cooper)

February 28, 2019

San Francisco Orgy!

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“shot entirely at ‘ANIMALS’ – SF’s infamous bathhouse!”

who’s the hairy guy?? – can’t figure it out from the GEVI listing for SFO (1983)

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